A Day In Paradise Productions
   For the first time in Northeast Florida--possibly the entire east coast--we bring to you the only place you need to go....the ONE location that has the news, events, meets, rides, competitions and even discounts on everything from chain lube to snowboard wax for the rider, the competitor and even the spectator! We welcome riders, stunters, skaters, skateboarders, wakeboarders, snowboarders, bmxers, trials or trails riders, atv's, pwc's....whether it's powered by gas, muscle or nitro-methane, this is your place!

    Bands.........musicians, soloists, singers.........if you make music--no matter what music you make---this is a home for you! We have events that need music. Remember that this is a site operated by a production company who really loves the life we live. You play for us, we promote you and we all benefit from it! We already have events lined up in some pretty nice establishments that are gonna need music. Let us know who you are. We will have a page for you, too. A place to seek gigs, equipment or representation....or just be.

    We all know that it is really hard to have a ride end in a field or to have a fundraiser or another event in a field so we say thank God for those sweet people who have resturaunts, bars and clubs where we can meet, eat, hang out and party! If you know of such a place where you always feel at home, the food and the people are GREAT and you can have a good time without getting a title loan, tell us about it. If you own such a place, tell us about it! We want to promote you and help the people who visit this website by offering deals from you only for them.

    How can you have a place like this without a Hot Babe contest or Hunky Dude contest? We couldn't figure it out, either! THEREFORE, BE IT DECREED and set forth that there will be a monthly "Hot Honey Of The Month" contest and a "He's An Absolute Babe!" contest as well. We like to call it equal opportunity. Send us the flicks of your picks, we'll post them at the beginning of the month and whoever has the most votes at the end of the month wins! Please remember that this is not an age restricted site and you should understand that coverage is not an option......you send us naked pictures and we won't post them--OR send them back!!!!  All entries become the property of our private scrapbooks and you'll never see them again! Seriously, send whatever you like but we will only post those entries that are sorta like the example that follows. We are always looking for new models we can promote and work at our events. Contact us for details. We will try to get the monthly winners some sort of prize from one or more sponsors.

    Come stay with us as this site grows! It's official birthdate is November 19, 2008! It's been a while coming but now it is here. It is here for all who love life, live it to it's fullest and wake up wanting more......if you have and idea, a suggestion, a comment or complaint that you think might make this a better place, let us know. This is your place........enjoy it.

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