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   Since we are heavily involved in the motorcycle world, we hear, TOO OFTEN, of people having their bikes ripped off. In fact, one of our own had his bike stolen a few weeks ago in about 20 minutes from in front of an establishment on Beach Blvd. here in Jacksonville where ten of us had stopped for something cold to drink. Sadly, it has not been recovered yet and probably never will.

    Another one of our own works for the Sheriff's office and has some good ideas to at least slow down a thief:

  1.) Whenever you can, chain your bike to another bike or to something that can't be moved.

   2.) Make sure you use the locking device on your fork. Sure, it can be broken but when the bike is locked in a turn it makes it more difficult to move. Someone breaking the fork lock is likely to bring attention.

    3.)  Park your bike where it can easily be seen by everyone passing by and always try to park it in your view if possible. It doesn't take long to steal a bike!

    4.)  There are as many designs for alarm systems for bikes as there are bikes! Most of them can be bought and installed for less than $300.00.

    5.)  LoJac is sweet, for sure. Installed, it usually goes for around $1000.00.......which might be a bit more than a lot of us can afford, BUT, we believe they offer a guarantee of recovery by the local police if they are notified quickly enough that your bike has been stolen. If LoJac is too much, try a product called ZoomBac which does pretty much the same thing--track your bike (or whatever)--so that it can be recovered quickly. It goes for under three hundred dollars and has a small monthly monitoring fee.

    6.)  Engrave a number that you can easily remember that the authorities can look for on your parts. DO NOT USE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR ANY OTHER PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING NUMBER!

    There are a variety of ways you can make it really difficult or even prevent someone from taking your bike. We all need to do whatever we can to keep our bikes secure and safe!

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