Are you a model looking for exposure? Do you think you could be a model or that it just sounds really fun and you want to try?

    We will be happy to help you get FAMOUS if that is what you want. Go to the contact page, click on the spinning "e mail" button and send us a photo of yourself whether you're a seasoned pro who's done a lot of modeling and needs a little more exposure or  you're a scared beginner with attitude who thinks you have what it takes to make it, send us a pic.
    We have seasoned photographers who can produce portfolios that rock and, if the conditions are right (like you live in Jacksonville, Florida or you're willing to travel there, we have license to use the pics we take, we can get you gigs and we have your consent for all of this in writing, etc.) we would even be willing to make a portfolio for you, try to get you work and, in exceptional cases, market your photos here on this site. In the near future, we will be offering prints from an 8 x 10 to a life sized poster and calendars as well. Remember, we are a production company! We produce and promote.......what're you waiting for...? :)