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Welcome to the V-Twins page! This page, obviously, is for those of us who like the comfort of a big seat on a low slung frame. Cruisers, as they've come to be called in a lot of circles, come in many sizes and styles and nearly everyone makes them now. You can pick up a used one for a couple thousand dollars and we've seen riders who have well over fifty thousand in a single bike! Here, we'll look at and celebrate them all--no matter what the make or style--because it's not what's between your legs that's what's between your ears.... We welcome your pictures and there is a forum coming soon to talk up, talk down, drool and slobber, swap, sell or trade v-twin bikes. We will need a moderator or two for this community to help speed things along. We'll also need a single contact person from any motorcycle club that might want to post club news, events or ride information. All we ask is that you remember there are younger riders who come here and their mommies might not like bad words and nasty pictures--our mommies wouldn't!