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    There are a few of us here that ride sport bikes and one of us in particular rides with sport bikes more often than not....on a cruiser! He tells us that he is too old, too fat and mumbles something about having arthritis as he heads out to ride. The point is that there is something about a sport bike that brings out the speed demon in us all! Will it really bust 180 like everyone thinks (crotch rockets, right?)? Wheelie's, endo's and straightening out hairpin curves seem to flow from the grips into the bloodstream of who ever gets on a sport bike.

    With that said, we all need to remember the new laws that took effect October 1st  this year in know, either wheel leaving the ground, speeds fifty miles per hour or more over the limit and the license plate item will put you on your feet. We advocate riding safe, always obeying the laws and, most certainly, picking the right time and place.

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If you live in Jax and you're looking for people to ride with click the link above and join up!